4/2/2017 – What This Past Week Has Taught Me

HELLOOOO, thanks for taking the time to read this post. I really hope you are able to take something from it, and please feel free to leave me any type of feedback. Thanks!

Man oh man, what a week.

It’s unbelievable how quickly life can take a complete 180 turn and the great things you thought you had going for you can be dismantled overnight. This past week needless to say SUCKED. Not only for myself, but for what seemed to be everyone around me. I can’t quite put a pin-point on what started it, how it started, or what could lead have led to this horrible week, but it seemed that every single hour in the 168 hours of the past week brought only trouble, dispare, and agony during every minute. 
For myself, my troubles were overall a lack of strength of not just physical stength, but mental strength. After last week possibly being one of the best weeks of my life, this past week had a completely polar-opposite energy. My workouts SUCKED, my motivation for school SUCKED, sleep SUCKED, everything you could think of sucked… but what I thought was horrible going on in my life was incomparable to the events that happened to people around me. 

Two of my classmates at school lost their lives this past week, Not just one, but TWO.   Close friends of mine were having tough times dealing with their own situations, and then to end it, I witnessed one the most shocking and life-changing incidents in which was so traumatizing that I just choose not to talk about. All of these things, while not being hyperbolic, make me sound like a complete bitch for feeling sorry for myself… 

I had to sit down and put things into perspective late last night and come to a realization no matter how bad things SEEM to be, it is a lie I’m telling to myself. Nothing will every be worse than a human losing it’s life, NOTHING can top that. Horrible things happen every single day, and just because I didn’t feel as good as I wanted to, I didn’t hit the weight I wanted to, I didn’t get the grade I wanted to, I must persevere and have the perspective that these things are MICROSCOPIC compared to the other possible things that could have happened.

I found myself becoming more thankful for the things in my life. My loving family, my amazing friends, and the great opportunities that are bestowed infront of me. This week has overall made me appreciate life more, be more optimistic and really taught me the virtue of how to keep the small things small…

My best friend Tristan once sent me this quote that I’ve held onto dearly it says, “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers” I tend to think about this when I’m in times of trouble and hardship. The past week sure was a test, and I’m making it a personal goal just to go into the upcoming week and to absolutely DESTROY every single obstacle placed in front of me and give no energy to the things that are trying to distract me from achieveing what I want to do… I hope everyone reading this also has a great week and DEMOLISHES WHATEVER IS STOPPING YOU, FROM DOING WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO.

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