3/22/2017 – Don’t Knock It Until You Try It

“In planning to acquire your share of the riches, let no one influence you to scorn the dreamer.” – Napolean Hill

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, come on ya’ll IT’S LEG DAY TIME.

Woke up at the usual 3:15 am, the funny thing about it is that I woke up to start my day and my roommate was still awake and was getting ready to go to sleep, gotta love it lol (S/O to the boy DonTron if you’re reading this big dawg). Today was LEG DAY, but leg day is everyday, so I like to think of it as an exaggerated squat session… Did some box squats w/ bands while using the Duffalo bar. Worked up to a daily max of 355lbs with about 100lbs of tension at the top, it felt solid. These lunges are starting to pay off big time… which I hit after the rest of my workout for 400 meters today (Legs were TAXED). If you guys want to get in shape and cut down a few pounds, I straight up challenge you to start lunging for 400 meters each day. It’s not going to be easy, but the fulfillment and self-satisfaction you get after completing them each day is unfathomable. Go test it out; don’t think about, just do it…

Diet has been on point lately… the results are coming in fast and my metabolism is shooting through the roof. The progress I’ve made in these short few weeks has been incredible… the hype is real guys… THE HYPE IS REAL.

My life is getting super busy lately, going to school, having a job, plus an additional internship (I’ll go more in depth about that later) I’m sky rocketing each day. 3:15 am until I fall asleep at 10ish seems to fly by… fitting everything I have into what seems like a short span leaves me with no option but to be efficient and productive in everything I do. To most of you that probably seems like I’m “overdoing it” and probably doesn’t seem “healthy”, but again don’t knock it, until you try it. I challenge you to after reading this, the very next day to wake up just one hour earlier than you usually do and just see how much more productive you are throughout the day, and if you like to workout, go workout early in the morning. I promise you’ll feel much better .

Just by waking up this early each and every day for the past month has changed my life DRASTICALLY… it can and will do the same for you if you just try it.


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