Whattttttt iss GOOOOOD!

First off thank you for coming to the site and reading this. Going to start this off right by saying that this “blog” or “journal” sort of deal is completely out of my comfort zone, and I bet for the people that knew me already probably had a huge shock hit them when they first saw or heard I was doing this (Don’t lie to yourself, I know you didn’t see this coming lol)

For those of you who do not know me, or know somewhat about me, here’s a quick summary of who I am. My name is Cole Susac, 19 years old, originally from the Ohio Valley which is located in the small, country, south-eastern part of Ohio. Originally from Beallsville, Ohio, graduated from Barnesville High School. Currently attend Ohio State Newark, and straight up plan on doing big things… (doubt me now lol — but just wait). Other than that, the only thing I have to say is; the more you follow me and hear what I have to say, the more you’ll know what kind of person I am.

So the first question I’m probably going to get by everyone is “Cole, why in the world are you blogging and what made you want to do it?” So being real here, I JUST WANTED TO. Being at 19 and in college, I want to try new things to help develop myself as a human being, so right now I’m thinking why not? I’ve needed to write down and track what I’ve done and how I can improve day in and day out.

People who know me closely already know I am a HUGE fitness junkie and love to lift weights, so I plan on using this blog as more of a tool to help me stay on track with my goals in the weight-room, but also to help me progress in life. Overall, I just want to stay accountable in some way, and I think that for myself that blogging about it is the best way to do it.

So what can you expect? I have quick answer to that: REALNESS. I’m going to give you exactly what I’m thinking and what I’m doing in my life, with no bs in-between. I think that being 100% truthful, 110% of the time is only going to pay off in the long-run. So my main thing is going to be tracking my daily workouts on here to help myself see the progress and to motivate myself to improve, but hopefully I make some people go chase their personal goals. Some people are going to understand and support what I’m doing, but there’s always going to be haters… SO what I have to say is; the train I’m on right now is going at full-speed, you can either hop on with me or stay behind, either way I’m going to keep chugging.


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