3/21/2017 – It Is About to Get REAL

“If it’s not happening in you, it will never happen through you. If you don’t believe it, no one else will believe it.” – Urban Meyer


Woke up at 3:15 am, hit the road at 3:35 and traveled to the MIDWEST MECCA known as Old School Gym.

Shoulder workout today… Got to test out what’s up next in store for Cory G’s Get Stacked program with the absolute savages in the #4AmCrew… Can’t go into details about what we did, but just know that it was nasty.

What I can tell you is that today I hit a 365 PAUSED Back Squat, not that much weight but I’ve been struggling with my back squat lately. I feel it’s because I’ve been front squatting more than I have back squatting, but in due time I’ll be pausing 405… went straight to the track and hit 800 Meters of lunges in about 24 minutes straight with no pauses which was HUGE for me (I’ve been listening to The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy while lunging, but I today I think I did so well because I was listening to Drakes new album instead lol FIRE). I was previously lunging for about 10 minutes after my workout, but I’m DIALED IN and I’m on day 5 of lunging 800 meters straight and plan on continuing this all summer. All I can say is… the GAINS ARE UNREAL. SUMMER SHREDZ IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN. Need to get shredded to look on point for my brothers wedding in July, but I’m about to set myself on pace to get peeled by the end of May. It’s about to get real.


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